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Cat.No. 010-025-010

The lumitester combines extreme sensitivity, easy handling and low costs for an ultra – fast measurement of the hygiene status :

Patented measurement of ATP/AMP increases sensitivity

Detergent-tolerant enzymes- no inhibition from residue of cleaning agents

Simple data transfer to Microsoft Excel

Long durability and easy handling of the test Swabs

Detection limit                                                10-15 mol/ATP/assay

Measuring time                                              10 seconds

Data output                                                     RLU ( relative light units)

Storage space                                                 1200 results

Display                                                                        LCD

Computer transfer                                          RS232 C/ USB

Printer                                                             Optional

Power supply                                                   1,5 x 2 R6 AA batteries

Size                                                                  80 x 203 x 50 mm

Weight                                                                        280 g ( without batteries)





Cat.No. 010-025-011

Components                                        Sterile dry swabs for fluids and surfaces;releasing reagent; luminescence reagent

Package size                                        100 pcs : 10 Swabs / aluminium bag ; 10 bags / package Each bag is reclosable

Durability                                            At 2-8°C up to one year after manufacture; at 20°C up to one month